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Balancing valve with flow meter


The balancing valve is an hydraulic device that accurately regulates the flow rate of heating medium supplied to system terminals. A correct balancing of hydraulic systems is essential to guarantee the system operation according to its design specifications, high thermal confort and low energy consumption.  This particular series of valves is equipped with a flow meter for a direct reading of the regulated flow rate. The flow meter, housed in a by-pass circuit on the valve body and that can be shut off during normal functioning, allows a fast and easy balancing of circuits without the need for differential pressure gauges or diagrams. The balancing valve is equipped with a hot pre-formed shell insulation to ensure a perfect thermal performance in case of use both with hot and chilled water.


Material: brass CW617N


Technical data:

Medium: water, glycol solutions

Max. percentage of glycol: 50%

 Max. working pressure: 10 bar

Working temperature range: -10–110°C

Flow rate range unit of measurement: l/min

Accuracy: ±10%

Control stem angle of rotation: 90°


Operating wrench:

 1/2”–1 1/4”: 9 mm

 1 1/2” and 2”: 12 mm

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