COMPANY PROFILE Analyze the installation and maintenance of the Y filter

Y-type filter is an indispensable filter device for conveying medium. Y-type filter is usually installed at the inlet end of pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water level valve or other equipment to remove impurities in the medium. To protect the normal use of valves and equipment. Y-type filter has the characteristics of advanced structure, low resistance and convenient sewage discharge. The Y-type filter is suitable for water, oil and gas. The general water network is 18~30 mesh, the ventilation net is 10~100 mesh, and the oil net is 100~480 mesh. The basket filter is mainly composed of a nozzle, a main pipe, a filter blue, a flange, a flange cover and a fastener. When the liquid enters the filter blue through the main pipe, the solid foreign particles are blocked in the filter blue, and the clean fluid passes through the filter blue and is discharged from the filter outlet.
Y-filter installation and maintenance:
1, installation:
Carefully clean the threaded surfaces of all pipes before installing the filter, using pipe sealant or Teflon tape (PTFE)
It is necessary. The end threads are not treated to avoid entering the sealant or Teflon tape into the piping system. The filter can be installed horizontally or
Install vertically downwards.

  1. Warning:
    When installing 1-1/4″ (DN32) or larger diameter socket weld filters or all D series filters, pay attention to the pads of this type of filter.
    The sheet is made of non-metallic material and is easily damaged by overheating. Therefore, the welding time should be shortened and the filter should be carried out after the welding is completed.
    cool down. If preheating or welding is required before welding (D series filter), it is recommended to remove the gasket and then heat it.
  2. Operation and maintenance of the filter:
    After the system has been working for a period of time (usually no more than one week), it should be cleaned to remove the accumulated filter during initial operation of the system.
    Impurity on the Internet. After that, it must be cleaned regularly. The number of cleanings depends on the conditions of the working conditions. If the filter does not have a drain plug,
    Then remove the filter stopper and filter when cleaning the filter.
    Note: The filter should be isolated from the pressurized system before each maintenance and cleaning. After cleaning, use a new gasket when reinstalling.